This digital pen is a computer invention that transmits writing into digital media.

Although touch screen devices represent a movement away from paper, approximately eighty-percent of businesses still use paper based forms.

Many professions hand-write their notes, tables, diagrams and drawings instead of using tablets or other devices.

The computer pen is comparable to a regular ink pen (even uses refillable ink) that writes on regular paper, except it has an optical reader that records motion, images and coordinates. The recorded data is then transmitted to a computer via a wireless transmitter.

You can browse and edit your written notes, diagrams, tables, or drawings.

Another useful feature of this computer invention is that hand-written digital files can be easily converted into text fonts for use in word documents or emails.

Digital pen technology was first developed by the Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Christer Fåhraues.

Fåhraues is a physician and has an honorary doctorate degree in technology from Lund University in Sweden, and a M.Sc. degree in Bioengineering from the University of California San Diego.

Fåhraues served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Anoto Group AB, a company he originally founded in 1996 as C Technologies to license his digital pen technology.

This computer invention has been licensed to companies around the world for various commercial products. Applications include data/signature capture, completing forms, mapping, surveying, document management, paper replay, whiteboards, toys and education.

There are great expectations for digital pen technology over the next few years.

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