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Paper Title:- Design and Modeling of Drum Handling Equipment

Abstract:- This paper presents the use of drum handling equipment in the industries to reduce worker for drum handling. Material handling effect on human studied in this paper. Also study different material handling equipment used in industries.


I.       Introduction

In many industries raw material and finished product handled in 210 Lit. Drum. They handle drum manually. In work place drum transported, lifted, Loaded, tilted etc. manually. Handling heavy load manually takes more time, also it is hazards and risky. In small pharmaceutical company around 25 different type of raw material use. It is in liquid form which is taken out from 210 lit. Drum by loading on horizontal stand. Company requires effective material handling equipment to solve material handling problem.

Manual drum handling equipment is used to do various function like transport, tilting, lifting, loading, unloading etc. In small industries or work shop drum barrel is handled manually which takes more time and more worker. Handling drum manually without using any equipment is hazards.

Manual handling is transporting or supporting of a load by one or more workers. It includes the following activities: lifting, holding, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving of a load.1 The load can be an animate (people or animals) or inanimate (boxes, tools etc.) object.

Manual handling occurs in almost all working environments (factories, warehouses, building sites, farms, hospitals, offices etc.). It can include lifting boxes at a packaging line, handling construction materials, pushing carts, handling patients in hospitals, and cleaning.

II.    Concept

In this, following objectives are to be carried out –

  • To minimize worker for Drum transporting, loading, unloading, lifting and tilting process.
  • To study material handling equipment for Drum handling.
  • To study the lifting and loading effect on human.
  • To study the ergonomic of material handling.
  • To Design modified drum tilting mechanism.
  • To fabricate prototype model.
  • Testing and conclusion.

    III. Literature review

    Literature review areas of research considered in the past, to be explained the approaches used & the new ideas. It is an assignment of previous task done by some authors and collection of information or data from research papers published in journals to progress our task. It is a way through which we can find new ideas, concept. There is lot of literatures published before on the same task; some reference papers are taken into consideration from which idea of the project is taken, the other reference will we discussed later.

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